Greener Facility Management, being one of the UK's most reputable Waking Watch companies, offers a complete selection of services to
suit apartment complexes and other forms of multi-occupancy buildings.

Waking Watch (also called fire watch) is a prompt and reassuring solution to the advent of fire safety difficulties in these types of structures, which were highlighted by the tragic events at Grenfell Tower in 2017. Our highly qualified and competent Waking Watch team works hard to guarantee that buildings are safe and secure and that they are adapted to the client's demands.

Greener Facility Management offers waking watch services for both residential and commercial premises around the UK. Our staff include fire wardens, fire marshals, and fire watchmen, and the goal of the service is to be vigilant to any safety hazards. In the event of a fire, our crew will call 911 and make sure that everyone in the building is aware of the situation and can safely leave.

Although high-rise tower blocks are the most common type of building that requires our services, we can also work with various types of structures. Our highly trained security guards adhere to an Active Awake Alert policy and have extensive experience working in public situations, demonstrating consistency in professionalism and integrity. They are dedicated to ensuring that residents and employees are safe in the understanding that the property's integrity is protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you believe your building will benefit from our Waking Watch service, please contact the Greener Facility Management team now to discuss your requirements.