Greener Facility Management has a strong track record of providing retail security to a variety of businesses. With our broad variety of
retail security officer services, we've successfully assisted a number of big-name and local stores reduce theft and losses.

Theft from retail businesses is a major issue that, if left unchecked, can be catastrophic to a company's bottom line. Our
shop security guards can assist you. According to recent figures, the number of thefts is really increasing. Prosecutions can
be costly and unsatisfying, therefore the best way to combat theft is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

We recognize the wide spectrum of security dangers that any retail location encounters, and our trained retail security
guards are prepared to tackle any security situation, whether it's employee theft or shoplifting. The most prevalent ways of
shoplifting are "grab and run" and "tag and label removal." Then there are new technological dangers to retail security, such
as signal jammers and "booster bags," which prevent objects with tags placed inside from triggering alarm sensors.

There are two sorts of shoplifters in the United Kingdom:

1. Individuals who are frequently legitimate clients who are tempted to steal by taking advantage of a situation.

2. Gangs of 2-4 persons who are well-organized and have ideas and tactics in place to circumvent retail security.

Our retail security officers and security guards are trained to spot potential theft threats and to correctly recognise and
report any suspicious or illegal behavior.

Our uniformed employees not only provide a visible presence that deters would-be thieves, but they can also patrol any
location to provide a reassuring presence to consumers and site visitors. If shoplifting or any other suspicious activity occurs,
our highly trained retail security guards will handle the situation calmly and efficiently. Importantly, they will handle the
problem with minimal disturbance to your customers and business activities. Another significant benefit of hiring a retail
security guard is that they may gain access to and maintain continuous monitoring of employee-only areas, lowering the
danger of employee theft.

Each security specialist we hire is SIA-approved and ISO-certified, and you can rest certain that all of our retail security
officers and guards have gone through extensive background checks before starting work for us.

We take pleasure in going above and above, and all of our employees are fully trained to deal with any issue promptly,
calmly, safely, and successfully. We can adapt our retail security services to meet your particular requirements because we
are established specialists in the provision of all sorts of protection. Our security guards will fit in perfectly with your
business, providing a discreet and reassuring service that will allow you to focus on other aspects of your retail operation.

If you believe your store or chain of stores might benefit from the addition of a retail security officer or additional security
guards, call Greener Facility Management now for a no-obligation consultation and to discuss your retail security needs.