Greener Facility Management is a well-known and well-respected security firm that has a proven track record of effectively offering a
variety of mobile security solutions to organizations across the United Kingdom. Outside of normal business hours, mobile
security patrols are a more cost-effective option for having a constant physical security presence. If CCTV and alarm systems
aren't enough to give you peace of mind that your property is safe from intruders, a mobile security patrol can help.Comfortable Care’s mobile security patrols enable our team to conduct detailed checks of your premises to ensure they are
unhurt. Our crew of highly-trained, SIA-licensed mobile security guards is the ideal answer for any business wanting to
avoid criminal activities or anti-social behavior.

Our mobile security officers' random site and building spot checks are exactly that: random. As there is no pattern, our
presence on your site will result in a decrease in unwanted activity.

For optimum effect, Greener Facility Management mobile security patrols operate in fully liveried cars, and our highly visible presence has been proven to be a successful and effective preventative security strategy. Furthermore, we can customize our mobile security
patrols to meet your specific requirements, giving you complete peace of mind.

We'll examine your mobile security needs after our initial meeting and arrange a plan of inside and external patrols at
agreed-upon intervals to look for evidence of damage, theft, or intrusion. If we believe it is necessary, we will also provide
warning boards to prevent vandals and intruders.

If you require it, we may arrange for our mobile security patrols to be given keys to your property and conduct interior and
perimeter patrols. This will enable us to do a complete check of all doors, windows, and access points at the end of each
working day to confirm that they are locked and that your premises have been securely secured.

All of our mobile security patrol officers are SIA-licensed and properly educated to handle any situation. They are trained in
first aid, are familiar with the applicable health and safety protocols and will keep a detailed and up-to-date log of activities
so you can see how the site is patrolled.

A GPS tracking device is included in every Greener Facility Management mobile security patrol vehicle. In the event of an emergency, this ensures that the nearest patrol vehicle arrives as promptly as possible.

If there is any damage, your mobile security patrol officer will contact the appropriate authorities – whether the police, alarm
companies or approved repair contractors – to ensure that your site is protected quickly and effectively.So, if you have a location or a building that you believe can benefit from our services, call the Greener Facility Management team now to discuss your mobile security patrol requirements.