Keeping construction sites safe is a demanding endeavor that comes with its own set of obstacles. Greener Facility Management has worked with construction and building companies to keep their sites safe from trespassers, intruders, and criminals.

We have qualified health and safety officers who will come to your location and do a complete survey and risk assessment so that we can fully comprehend any potential threats or dangers. We'll then tailor a security approach to your specific requirements, ensuring that your site and valuables are well-protected.

Greener Facility Management hires highly trained security personnel. Our officers will be stationed at your building site, conducting routine patrols and maintaining a full incident log of everything that occurs there. We offer visits from a mobile patrol supervisor in addition to on-site personnel.

Installing security fence and CCTV systems is part of the package of services we provide. We can also instal gatehouse security to manage employee, contractor, and visitor access to your building site, as well as deliveries.

Comfortable Care can ensure that your equipment, tools, and materials are kept safe and secure. We'll also take steps to prevent graffiti and prevent minors and other unauthorised visitors from visiting the site and potentially putting themselves in danger.

You can rest easy knowing that your construction site is in good hands at all hours of the day and night when you hire us to protect it.

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