Key Holding

Greener Facility Management understands the security environment and can operate as the principal key holder for alarm activations. Our 24-hour key holding services can be a major benefit to any organisation, regardless of size or location, because it eliminates the risk and annoyance that employees face every time the alarm goes off or a break-in is detected.

Greener Facility Management promises to keep the keys safe and secure, and in the event that an alarm is triggered, one of our fully trained and licenced key holding security officers will arrive at your site, regardless of time or location, and conduct a thorough patrol of your premises to determine the cause of the alarm.

Key holding services are the most cost-effective choice for any organisation because they can lower your insurance premiums while also lowering the risk to any of your employees.

It also has a substantial influence on your business expenditures because our solution allows you to avoid all of the ongoing expense of having a permanent physical security presence on site.

All of our key holding staff goes through a rigorous training programme and will act swiftly and effectively to any alarm, ensuring your peace of mind.

All of our cars are equipped with GPS tracking, allowing us to arrive at your location as quickly as possible.

And, because all of our staff have been trained to communicate with the police, alarm companies, and authorised repair contractors, we can ensure that your facilities will be secure as soon as possible in the event of an entry.

Please call Greener Facility Management immediately for more information on professional key holding services.