Allow Greener Facility Management to provide you with professional security alarm monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to
keep your business safe and secure.

Intruder alarms have been shown to be an effective crime deterrent, but they must be continuously monitored to achieve optimal effectiveness.

Anyone up to no good will quickly figure out that if your alarm goes off, no one will respond.

As a result, our intruder alarm monitoring services ensure that every activated alarm receives a prompt reaction.

All of our alarm systems come with cutting-edge sensors that can detect any suspicious movements and are built to perform dependably in any area, no matter how distant or hostile.

Our alarm monitoring service can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

All of our in-house security alarm monitoring employees have undergone thorough training to guarantee that every alarm activation is handled efficiently and professionally, causing the least amount of disturbance and potential harm to your organization.

They can not only respond to the alarm but also summon the police or our own mobile patrol teams to guarantee the site is secured again, facilitating any necessary repairs through our trusted team of contractors.

Intruder alarm monitoring can be combined with a variety of other security services to guarantee that your business is adequately secured.

Our staff can even do a comprehensive security audit for you.

Every week, Greener Facility Management effectively manages a large number of alarm calls and has a track record of providing a prompt and effective reaction to every warning we get.

Please contact Greener Facility Management today for a courteous, no-obligation consultation about our security and intruder alarm monitoring services.