Greener Facility Management has a wide selection of fire alarms to safeguard your building from fire and smoke damage. We provide effective and dependable fire alarms for any type and size of a commercial or public building, and all of our fire alarm systems may be customized to meet your specific needs.

Our in-house team of fire alarm professionals will listen to your needs and take responsibility for every stage of your fire detection and alarm systems, ultimately leading to the design of a unique solution for your specific requirements, whether it's an automatic or manual fire alarm system.

If necessary, we can additionally include manual fire alarm locations, smoke and heat detectors, and even integrated public address systems. We can assess your facility – whether it's a single office or a series of commercial buildings – and find the best locations for your fire alarm system to be installed so that it can function as efficiently as possible.

Furthermore, all of our alarms can be connected to Greener Facility Management’s own 24-hour alarm center, where our highly trained
operators will immediately contact the Fire Brigade upon receiving any alarm activation, ensuring that any fire is dealt with as quickly as possible, minimizing any safety risk, financial loss, and commercial disruption.

Our fire alarms provide more than just peace of mind; they can also help you save money on your insurance costs.

Every week, Greener Facility Management successfully installs fire alarms in businesses around the country, ensuring the safety of their
employees, customers, and facilities.

Please call Comfortable Care today for more information on our fire alarm services.