Any alarm system, whether it's a fire or security alarm, is only effective as a deterrent if it keeps working properly. Greener Facility Management recognizes this, which is why we provide a complete support network to ensure that your alarms continue to function as efficiently and reliably as the day they were installed.

You're putting your employees and your business at risk if you don't maintain your fire alarms or intruder alarms on a regular basis. There may be no clear warning signs that one of your alarm systems isn't working properly, and you won't know until it's too late.

Greener Facility Management has a proven track record of ensuring that any security alarm, fire alarm, or intruder alarm is fully functional, and we offer a variety of bespoke alarm maintenance programs to ensure that each of our systems continues to work to its full potential, reducing the risk of any of the alarm's complex electronic components failing.

Our security alarm maintenance personnel is properly qualified to conduct thorough inspections, thoroughly testing each system, and swiftly resolving any difficulties or flaws that are discovered.

We recognize that a scheduled maintenance program may be required by your insurance policy, so we can tailor fire alarm or intruder alarm maintenance to your specific needs, performing any preventative repairs and inspections at your c onvenience. We can provide monthly alarm maintenance as well as a 24-hour emergency response to ensure that any flaws are addressed as soon as possible, minimizing any downtime.

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