Greener Facility Management has years of experience providing businesses with security barriers to ensure that your restricted area remains limited. We provide a wide selection of barriers, industrial gates, security gates, and fencing for any location, whether it's an industrial unit or a piece of undeveloped land.

Our team of business security professionals has helped hundreds of businesses enhance their site security, and they are available to assess your specific needs and provide you with the tools and barriers you need to secure your site's security. All security barriers and security fences can be used independently or in conjunction with our other security services.

For added peace of mind, all of our barriers, bollards, and industrial gates are installed to industry standards and come with a complete manufacturer's warranty.


  • All of our security gates and barriers are available for purchase and installation, and we can even arrange for the creation of customised fence or gates if necessary.
  • Among our safety products are:
  • Obstacles
  • Hydraulic or manual systems with a variety of beam options
  • Loop and clearance at the exit
  • Beams that are slim or robust
  • Electronic or manual entrance options
  • Traffic control protocols
  • Radio, digital, and key choices
  • Concept automatic barrier systems with optional full lighting skirts
  • Safely looping and push-button control units
  • Audio and video links


  • Automatic rising bollards
  • Manual retractable bollards
  • Impact tested bollards
  • Static and hoop bollards
  • Domestic, residential, and street bollards
  • Commercial areas and entrances
  • Traffic lanes and limitation issues
  • Anti-ram-raid for retail precincts

Security Fencing

  • Palisade security fencing
  • Chain link security fence
  • Railings
  • Mesh security fence
  • Pedestrian guard rails
  • Every standard installation includes full pales, posts, fittings, and fixings
  • Made-to-measure security gates

Whatever your security fencing needs are, we can provide a cost-effective and dependable solution.

Contact Greener Facility Management today to learn more about how we can help keep your company safe.