Planned Maintenance

Greener Facility Management’s planned maintenance solution focuses on preventing costly issues from occurring in the first place, reducing unpleasant surprises and increasing uptime and cost efficiency.

Regular planned maintenance checks, encompassing everything from electrical systems to air conditioning and ranging from the simple to the complex, are carried out by our trained surveyors to assure this.

Should any difficulties be discovered, whether it be consumables substitutions or more sophisticated part replacements, any downtime will be scheduled to have the least amount of impact on your company's regular operations.

Our facilities managers will conduct a thorough assessment of your property and assets before drafting an extensive and detailed programme of inspection dates, charges, and priorities, allowing you to budget for property expenses and anticipate any potential concerns. Finally, this aids in the efficient and effective operation of your organisation, allowing you to make the most of your maintenance budget. Our planned maintenance services include, but are not limited to, routine maintenance of the following items:

• Air conditioning
• Electrical Systems
• Alarm and security systems
• Plumbing and sanitary systems
• Gardens and grounds
• Doors and windows
• Lifts and other mechanical equipment

Comfortable Care can provide planned maintenance as part of a comprehensive facilities management package, allowing your business to run smoothly and freeing up your employees to focus on their jobs rather than dealing with extra paperwork.

We can serve as your one-stop shop and design a custom solution to meet all of your requirements.

To learn more about planned maintenance or any other property maintenance service, call Greener Facility Management now to see how we can assist you