Carpet Cleaning

Greener Facility Management's professional carpet cleaning services will revitalise your company's carpets and eliminate stale odours.

While most companies devote time and resources to cleaning their facilities and hard floors, carpets are frequently overlooked.

However, damaged and dirty flooring might give the wrong image of your company and detract from otherwise clean and well-presented premises.

We'll collaborate with you to determine which areas of your building receive the most traffic and which receive the least.

We'll then devise a custom carpet cleaning plan that takes into account the areas that require the greatest care.

At Greener Facility Management, we realise how important it is for your business's operations to be unaffected by cleaning methods.

We'll develop a carpet cleaning schedule that works around your business hours and causes the least amount of interruption possible.

We employ specialised cleaning procedures to efficiently and swiftly remove stains and odours as a well-established and recognised carpet cleaning company.

Our personnel is fully insured and will work diligently and efficiently to make your workplace a healthier and more enjoyable place for both your customers and employees.

Greener Facility Management can work with you in a courteous yet professional manner to meet your demands, whether you require regular light carpet cleaning services or a one-time deep clean after an accidental spills or a fire, for example.