Greener Facility Management’s retail security services are incomparable. We can aid in decreasing the amount of robbery, shoplifting and anti-social behaviour and reduce the risk of losses in stock.

We have a personalised stance for each of our retail customers regardless of whether they are a bank, shopping mall or warehouse.

Greener Facility Management can save retailers considerable amounts of money, can raise the quality and reduce the chances of any issues.

Our security officers are highly experienced and go through a number of background checks prior to working with any customers. All members of our retail security team are SIA approved and ISO accredited.

We can put security staff, alarms and CCTV systems in place in the retail environment to ward off crime.

Keeping retail environments polished and in good order is necessary for the sake of the customers and employees. Our facilities management services will make sure that public and staff areas are kept in a good condition and checked regularly.

Greener Facility Management makes sure to provide very efficient services, which gives retailers the freedom to focus on key priorities: customer satisfaction and making sales.