Greener Facility Management offers many services which ensure that public servants are working in the best conditions so that they can focus on their work and not have to worry about their environment.

Since we have a great deal of experience in working within the public sector, we know how important it is to deliver well organised government services.

We know that there is pressure on the local authorities and the government to ensure that expenses are kept to a minimum. Greener Facility Management is devoted to working with you to help recognise savings and discover ways of managing your facilities in the best way so that no money from the public goes to waste.

Security is of the utmost importance when it comes to public buildings and governmental offices. We can input solid security systems to ward off any threats and this would in turn ensure the environment is safe for staff and visitors.

It is important for Civic buildings to be presentable.Greener Facility Management’s cleaning and maintenance services are able to swiftly respond to any emergency situations.

Greener Facility Management is able to propose a solution to respond to all of your needs regardless of whether you are a big or small department. We make sure that all policies and regulations are met by using the most up to date technology.

To discuss how Greener Facility Management can work with you, contact us today.