Greener Facility Management works with a variety of learning environments which are essential in teaching important skills to the next generation. By making security and maintenance services available to the education sector, we allow staff to teach and encourage students instead of having to deal with the running of their buildings.

We provide a range of education services such as security, cleaning and grounds maintenance. We aim to ensure that buildings are running efficiently and are clean and secure, so that staff are working in a safe and comfortable environment.

We are aware of the Department of Education’s tight budget and know that it is important for education providers to keep costs low.

Greener Facility Management’s services are economical and we use the latest technology to deliver the best results are competitive prices.

We are willing to work with a variety of customers ranging from primary schools to universities. Not only do we offer regular maintenance services, we are also able to deal with impromptu issues whether they are regarding plumbing, air conditioning or heating systems.

You can discuss your specific needs with us and we will tailor a package of services which suit your requirements and are within your budget.